All that glitters. May 12 2015

At last we have some Tasmanian gold! Whilst they are small nuggets, they are very bright, and affordable - prices are either $22 or $30 each. We also have a couple of larger nuggets (W.A.), including an unusual gold crystal(Qld.). We have them at both Salamanca and at our rockshop at Lune River. In our jewellery area, we now have a small but varied range of designs of 9ct. gold rings, made by a friend of ours here in Tasmania. There are opals set in sterling silver rings, to compliment the Australian theme. On the Tasmanian front, we have some beautiful new specimens of Crocoite from the Adelaide mine, either in plastic boxes or on their own, with prices ranging from $20 - $300. The colour is a vibrant orange-red; very showy.