A new sparkle or two! - Topaz from Flinder's Island January 28 2016

     It had been eight years since we last went over to Flinder's Island - for rest and relaxation, as well as to look for topaz. Having been asked for some by a number of people over the past few months, we decided we'd better go fossicking, to see what we could find.

     We went last November, before we got too busy with visitors to our show-room and at Salamanca Market. Instead of taking our vehicle across on the barge, as on our first visit, we flew into Whitemark and hired the island's only camper-van, from the friendly folk at the caravan park. This allowed us better mobility, independence and allowed us to tuck ourselves away, savouring some solitude, one of Tasmania's natural gifts, often having a beach to ourselves and the birds. The relaxing part of the journey was easy come by, and truly savoured - to ly in a rock-pool, with just sea and sky, is bliss indeed. And I'm glad to say that our fossicking efforts proved successful, with some good-sized topaz for cutting,  amongst our finds. We've had some facetted and they are now for sale, both at our market stall at Salamanca and at Lune River, in our rock-shop. Sizes vary, with stones averaging between 1 -  4 carats, with one large beauty, at 20.97 carats! Prices range from $65 - $1,150.  Though most are clear, we have some blue shades and soft yellows. A rare find, was a pink topaz, now cut to display its unusual hue. 

     Two stones sold in the first two weeks we presented them, which is a nice response, so if you'd like to see some Tasmanian topaz (called by some, 'Killiecrankie Diamonds'), please come to our stall at Salamanca - we're always near St. David's Park- or to our show-room. We haven't as yet put cut topaz into our on-line shop, but this will happen soon. 

                                      ......always a wonderful island to visit, with many rewards!

                                                                               Chrystine and Boris

ps. please note that we also have other facetted gemstones, both Australian and overseas.